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Alabama Alligator Gar Record Broken by Delta Bass Fishermen

On November 24th, 2022, Keith Dees and his son Huntley ventured out into the Mobile Delta for their annual Thanksgiving Day fishing trip. They went out into the brackish water to catch Redfish and Largemouth Bass. After landing a few of their target species, Keith had something slam his chatterbait. The Dees weren't quite sure what they were hooked up to in the cold, murky water, but they knew it was big. Speculating that it may be a large Red Drum during a 30-minute-long battle they were suddenly shocked to see a massive Alligator Gar come up for a gulp of air. The Dees managed to land the record Gar after a two-hour long battle. The fish made its way to the scales and weighed in at a whopping 162 pounds. The catch beat the existing record of 151 pounds and is now certified as the new Alabama state record Alligator Gar. Incredible!

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