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13 Fishing: The BAMF Shad

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Even when chewed by a few fish, the BAMF Shad can be rigged on a jig head to keep on hammering

When it comes to swimbait fishing, sometimes less is more. In the world of bass angling, big swimbaits are often looked at as the golden ticket for landing the biggest fish that swim. While they certainly work, a well rounded angler shouldn’t overlook the benefits of a smaller, more compact prey option. The BAMF Shad by 13 Fishing isn’t the biggest bait in the box by any means, but its realism and subtle action makes for an excellent choice for bass anglers who want a more inconspicuous approach. A great example for this is when the temperature starts dropping heading into Winter. Gizzard and Threadfin Shad are dying off with the falling water temps and the entire ecosystem is looking for any opportunity to take advantage of the stunned baitfish.


BAMF Shad in "Purple Shad" color

The BAMF Shad has great realism to prevent any bass from hesitating to strike. The bait’s movement is relegated to just the paddle tail, encouraging even the most timid bass to take advantage of the potential meal.


The BAMF Shad comes in two sizes, 5.25 and 8 inches. It’s not as small as a Zoom Swimming Fluke or Rage Tail Swimmer, but not quite as big as a Bull Shad or other hard swimbait. It’s the perfect size to get smoked by an eager 2 pounder or crushed by your life’s first double digit mailbox.


A solid BAMF Shad fish

By far the coolest feature of this bait is its weedless capabilities. The BAMF Shad is designed around the Owner Beast line of hooks. The 5.25 takes a 6/0 Beast hook and the 8.00 runs on the 12/0 Beast. The BAMF Shad is a relatively buoyant bait, so they are typically run on the belly weighted version of the Owner Beast hook.


The BAMF Shad retails for $14.99 for a three pack of the smaller size, and $19.99 for a two pack of the larger version. That’s a fairly reasonable price for a set of durable, hand painted swimbaits that are bonafide big bass weapons. 

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