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Temple Fork Outfitters- Trout/Panfish series rods

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

When looking for a light action rod that is both sensitive and strong it's hard to go wrong with the trout/panfish series of rods from Temple Fork Outfitters. The Trout/Panfish rod retails for $109.99 and offers 8 versions of the rod in the series, from a 5’6” Ultralight to a 7’0” Light. They offer stainless steel guides, so you never have to worry about losing a ceramic eye insert. This is a big selling factor for me as my light action rods usually get used and abused throughout the year while catching bait to chase larger species.

They are cork handled and paired with a weight saving reel seat that helps the rods weigh in at a very light 3.1 - 3.7 ounces depending on the model. They are rated for lighter line classes like 2 and 4 pound test, but will easily accommodate braided super-lines up to 8 pound test. I typically pair these rods with a smaller 500 to 1000 size Shimano reel, usually staying in the “Sahara” or “Sedona” price range for my bait rods. They will handle baits from a 1/32 ounce up to a 1/4 ounce on the larger rods, but I recommend moving up into the TFO Professional series light action rods if you are throwing anything on the heavier side of that range.

The biggest selling factor for me is the single piece design of these rods. Oftentimes when you are looking for a rod in this size they are two-piece designs… and while those are certainly useful, they simply aren’t my style. At least not for this type of fishing. They do however offer certain models in a two-piece design if that is something you are looking for.

My favorite model of the Trout/Panfish rod is the 7’0” Light Action. This rod in particular has all of the attributes needed to land slab crappie and bruiser trout. It is one piece design allowing an even and parabolic bend to properly disperse all pressure from a big fish. It can throw a 1/16 oz marabou jig with just as much ease as a 1/4 oz trout spinner, all while having plenty of sensitivity to feel those light strikes from timid, suspended fish. I’ve landed everything from trophy Shellcracker and Crappie to 8 pound Rainbow Trout and even the occasional Channel Cat that has found my nightcrawler while fishing for bait. It handles all challengers, and it handles them well.

Lastly, the aesthetic of the rod is pleasing to everyone that picks it up. It has an emerald green coloration that blends in well to the environment that it will find itself in. While you still may spook that big Brook Trout you are flipping a bait to, you won't be able to blame it on the rod!

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