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Video: Trophy Smallmouth Paddle and Camp

My catalytic converter is going bad in my truck, but it ain't dead yet! When I saw the temps were going to be campable (night low temps in the 40s) I took the opportunity for my second camping run of the year. The water level was low and slow which made the rapids a little tougher to navigate. On the second rapid I missed the turn and went over the ledge sideways; I almost flipped but stayed in the boat by lifting on my thigh straps. I can't stress the importance of those things enough in rapids. I had a little bit of action on the Rapidan, missed one and landed one. I camped at the same spot as last time. It was untouched and still had firewood I left behind, plus the endless amount of firewood on that island in general. It got down to 44° but it was comfortable compared to 38° last time. The second day was cloudy and windy, some sections were hard to fish. I couldn't drift, so I had to paddle and cast a lot of it. Near the end I got a 19.9 incher, just under Virginia trophy size. I was stoked on that then the very next fish was a solid 20 incher. Thats my 5th Virginia trophy smallie. It was an amazing camping and fishing run, and my truck got me home!

Kevin Whitley

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