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Yakattack MightyMount Duo Rail Adapter

The Duo Rail Adapter is one more stellar addition to the MightyMount product line from Yakattack. This new version of the MightyMount is compatible with the Hobie H-rail system. While we here at HRWT use the MightyMount product line with everything from flats skiffs, to paddle kayaks, to even our podcast studio camera mounts, it's nice to finally have the proper compatibility with the world's premiere pedal kayak brand.

Hobie kayak models such as the Outback and the Pro Angler line sport a multi sided rail system and the Duo Rail Adapter pairs perfectly with that system. The mount sandwiches the railing, clamping it into place with stainless steel hardware. This ensures that it will hold up in both fresh and salt environments.

The Duo Rail Adapter is two sided, as the name implies. Therefore, it can be used in a multipurpose fashion to sport combinations of Yakattack products utilizing both standard t-bolt track mounted accessories as well as the LockNLoad system.

The MightyMount Duo Rail Adapter will hit the market on 2/17/23 and will be sold as a single pack for $20, or a two pack for $35. Like all Yakattack products it is made in the USA and covered by their Built for Life guarantee. For more information, or to order the Duo Rail Adapter, head over to

Josh Dolin

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