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12 Year Old Lands Great White Shark

Twelve year old Campbell Keenan of Massachusetts was fishing aboard a charter boat off of the coast of Fort Lauderdale, Florida when the catch of a lifetime found his bait. A near 11-foot Great White gave the younger angler the fight of his life. Campbell and his family were on vacation in the Sunshine State and decided they would go out and enjoy the sunny weather with a day of shark fishing. After baiting up a rod with a tuna, they dropped down and awaited a hungry fish to come along. Little did they know, the largest predatory species on the planet would come to crash their party. Though a little intimidated at first, Campbell stepped up to the plate to fight and eventually land one of the most coveted fish in the entire big game angling world. Few anglers will ever get a shot to hook and land a Great White, now that Campbell has done so he will have an epic fishing story to tell for the rest of his life. After a few quick photos the White Shark was tagged for research and released healthy back to the depths from which it came!

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