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New Potential World Record Tautog

Angler Jen Zuppe was fishing off of Ocean City, Maryland when she hooked and landed the new potential world record for the IGFA female 30lb line class. Although that record slot is currently vacant, the fish she submitted to occupy the slot is no slouch. Her 23.4 pound Tautog (Blackfish) sets the bar incredibly high for any future female anglers that want to take a stab at it. To add to the story, Jenn was aboard the vessel "Fish Bound IV" with the current IGFA All Tackle World Record holder for Tautog, Ken Westerfield. Some things are just meant to be! This record has been sent into the International Game Fish Association and it awaits certification pending tests on the line to confirm the sub-30 pound breaking strength. This is a process that all line class records go through and it ensures all records are legitmate and accurate. Congrats to the angler!

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