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Seigler Reels SM (Star Mag) Surf Reel

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Surf casters can be an interesting bunch of anglers. The stereotype is typically known for salty dudes with bad attitudes. While that is often true, they’re also known for being die hard fishermen. That is who the Seigler SM is made for. This compact little conventional reel is an absolute powerhouse and out of the box will outcast most reels on the market. Also, they have the benefit of being 100% made in the USA...what’s not to love?

Seigler reels is a fishing reel company based out of Virginia Beach Virginia. They have an ever-growing lineup of conventional and fly fishing reels. While they have a significant range of offerings, one thing that remains standard across the board with all of their products, they’re built with big fish in mind. The Seigler SM is no exception to this standard. This little powerhouse of a star drag reel is the magged version of its brother the “SS”. This is one of the only surf casting reels on the market that comes with a mono magnet braking system out of the box. The magnet is a must if an angler plans to make the long casts needed to target fish from the beaches. Most reels used in the Mid Atlantic style of surf fishing are outfitted and customized with aftermarket magnet kits. Many tackle shops along the North Carolina coast actually offer this service, but like I stated before, that won’t be necessary with the SM. From the ground up you can see this reel was crafted to make long casts with ease and landing big fish even easier. In terms of the long casts, the reel is built with a free-floating spool and ceramic bearings coming standard. Ceramic bearings are often another upgrade surf casters make to their reels to improve casting distance. As for making landing big fish a breeze, this reel sports up to 40lbs of drag pressure and a serious line capacity of 275yds/ 20lb mono or 450yds/50lb braid. Those capacity numbers are amazing considering this reel is similar in frame size to most 15 size reels on the market. Other noteworthy features include an extra-long power handle and a speedy 6:1 gear ratio. Not to outweigh the importance of performance features, the SM is also a great looking reel. These reels come in a variety of color combos and offer the option for custom colors for an additional fee.

Overall if you’re a surf fisherman who likes slinging heavy lead and big chunks of bait, you need to check this reel out. I’ve had the pleasure of bowing up on a ton of big fish with this workhorse and it’s never given me a single bit of trouble. Its even been dunked a handful of times and after 3 years is still fishing like brand new. And for what it’s worth not many reels with the SM’s features and abilities can stamp “Made in America” on the side plate. Be sure to find a dealer and get your hands on one of these reels for your next surf fishing season.

Grant Alvis

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